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Celebrating 15 Years of Transatlantic Business

We are a market research and business consulting firm in Hungary. Established in 2002, we counsel international companies seeking to do business in Central Europe by helping them understand local business opportunities and practices, by finding local business partners and by conducting market research. We also work with Hungarian companies that wish to invest, or otherwise do business, in the United States.

Our services include business partner search, creation of market research documents and industry sector analyses, and organizing trade events, such as trade missions and single company partner meetings.

We have counseled clients in multiple industrial sectors, ranging from single person companies and minority and women owned small businesses to trade associations, multinationals including Fortune 500 companies and regional and national governments.

Our network of consultants in Central Europe ensures that we can mobilize the necessary talent for any industry sector.



Our services are tailored to each customer's requirements, usually centered around a personal introduction to potential business partners and a visit to the targeted market. In preparation of this series of meetings, generally spread around a couple of days, we carry out market surveys to obtain feedback from potential customers about your products and services.

Our assistance begins with this market research and business matchmaking. As next steps, we can work with your business in locating suitable office and warehouse space, performing due diligence on your behalf, helping with establishing a local company, staffing it, and providing non core business services as long as you require. These services would include accounting, HR, IT, security, vehicle fleet management and more.

Central Eastern Europe

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia are all member countries of the European Union and home to over 90 million consumers. We can facilitate your entry into this market without necessarily having to tackle your strong European competitors at their home grounds in the United Kingdom, France or Germany.

Our team

Our team members at our Hungarian headquarters have over a century of combined knowledge of doing business across the pond. Three of us have worked with the US Commercial Service of the Department of Commerce, helping American businesses find qualified buyers and business partners; assisting American companies in greenfield investment; advocating on behalf of US corporations; and preparing VIP visitors from university, state and federal delegations. Other members of our team also have wide ranging international business expertise as well as intimate knowledge of local industry sectors.